For Liability Insurance
Suggestions for healthcare practitioners in private practice who are looking for insurance coverage.

AHHA does not compile professional insurance coverage information. However, if you are a healthcare practitioner in private practice looking for insurance coverage, the following tips may prove helpful.

CAM Modality Insurance

Many alternative healing traditions, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, and massage have professional modality associations. These associations often offer the special professional insurance coverage needed by their members. If you practice a modality that has a professional association, contact the association to see if it has something to offer you.

If you need help locating one of these associations, check our Practitioner Referral Sources. Many of the organizations on this list are professional modality associations. Use the Category search option for your modality.

When There Is No Association

Healthcare practitioners serving clients as wellness coaches, nutritional consultants, and other modalities without professional modality associations find it more challenging to locate professional liability insurance.

If you fall into this group, try to locate other practitioners who offer services similar to yours, and ask them what company they have their insurance policy with. You can use the Specialty search option with the AHHA Practitioner Member list to find individuals who have an active practice doing what you do.


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