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Visit the Tips for Developing an Integrated Healing Center section of our site where we have compiled articles and resources that have proven helpful to others in your situation.

Other Centers

Network with AHHA members who are currently operating healing centers. These AHHA Institutional Members are on our Healing Centers in North America list.

Recruiting Practitioners

Are you recruiting healthcare professionals for your clinic or center? The following lists may prove helpful to you:

  • The AHHA Practitioner Members list includes professionals from a wide variety of modalities. You can use the search option to locate practitioners in your immediate geographic area, some of whom may be open to a change and/or may know of someone who is.
  • The Practitioner Referral Sources list includes dozens of sources. Use the various search options to zero in on specific modalities.
Business Savvy

One of the most serious pitfalls for an integrated center is a weak business structure. We have located two resources that focus on supporting the business aspects of an integrated healing facility. You are encouraged to take advantage of their expertise, so that your center may thrive.

Healing Centers Unitedâ„¢ is a nonprofit organization that connects those with experience to those who need help. The focus is on the business aspects of a healing center.

The Integrator Blog compiles news and reports to provide tools, insights and connections to enhance integrated care in the healthcare environment. John Weeks is the voice of this blog.

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