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Where Are You Right Now?

Travis Illness-Wellness Continuum is reprinted with permission, from Wellness Workbook, 3rd edition, by John W. Travis, M.D., and Regina Sara Ryan, Celestial Arts, Berkeley, CA. ©1981, 1988, 2004 www.wellnessworkbook.com

Everyone is somewhere on John W. Travis, M.D.'s Illness-Wellness Continuum. Right now, you are somewhere on the right half. The goal is to move you further toward the right.

  The Power of Your Everyday Choices

Achieving optimal health is an ongoing process that is taken one step at a time.

Do you know what impacts the quality of your health?


While you don't have a lot of control over your heredity and surrounding environment, you do have power over your everyday lifestyle. Understanding that at least half of the quality of your health depends on your choices can be an empowering "ah ha" about what you can do to attain a high degree of wellness.


It's important to become an active participant in maintaining your health. To help you incorporate this concept into your personal holistic approach we offer you our booklet, Wellness From Within: The First Step. This booklet reminds you that you are in charge, that your daily decisions have major impact, and the importance of setting goals.

Self-Help Tools

The old adage, "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure," has never been more true. This site offers you a broad range of self-help tools you can use to prevent illness and enhance your wellness.

  • The Enhancing Your Level of Wellness category in our Self-Help Articles archives contains information that will help you with your immediate needs. These articles are arranged under a variety of sub-categories. For example, if you need support in making changes, try Dealing With Change. If there is a high level of stress in your life, try Stress Management.
  • The AHHA Organizational Members list is a searchable database that allows you to search by category, company name, or key word. These organizations offer a wide variety of products, services, and educational opportunities.
  • The Heath-Related Books, CDs, DVDs & Videos list is a searchable database that allows you to search by author, title, category, and keyword. It includes a unique assortment of works written and/or produced by AHHA members.
A Holistic Approach

To enhance your level of wellness it is important to address all aspects of who you are and everything that is happening around you. Everything about you and your life is important and deserves to be taken care of. Remember that you are a whole, made up of interrelated parts. Your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects depend on one another for well-being. When one is disrupted, the others suffer as well. This concept is referred to as a whole person or holistic approach.

To learn more about this concept and to understand how it can enhance your wellness, you may wish to read one or more of the articles at What is Holistic?

Your Professional Support Team

You may feel that you want to be supported by a healthcare professional who can recommend and evaluate various lifestyle changes and/or preventive programs you may be considering. To help you locate new healthcare professionals to add to your healthcare team, we have compiled three different lists that offer referral sources. Take advantage of these resources to make your search easier.

  • The AHHA Practitioner Members list is a searchable database that includes a wide variety of healthcare professionals who all work in partnership with their patients/clients and who encourage a holistic approach to wellness. Each listing includes the type of healthcare professional, what he/she offers, and pertinent training information.
  • The Practitioner Referral Sources is a searchable database of almost 100 professional modality organizations, educational institutions, or marketing services for practitioners. You may wish to start by doing a search for the healing modality you seek -- such as Medical, Homeopathy, or Chiropractic. If you need a medical doctor, you can separate out those referral programs that have at least some MDs by typing "md" in the Keyword search box before hitting the Search button.
  • The Healing Centers in North America is a list of AHHA Institutional Members that are multidisciplinary healthcare centers. These centers offer multiple healing therapies under one roof. Some integrate conventional and alternative therapies, while others offer a variety of alternative therapies.

Choosing a new doctor can be daunting. As you begin your search, write down what is most important to you. Is it someone who will listen? Someone with the specific training you need? Someone who will work with you without the use of drugs? Whatever it is you are looking for, writing your needs down, in priority order, will prevent you from getting sidetracked and will help you to be certain the healthcare professional you find can give you what you need. No matter who you have on your team, it is wise to have at least one professional who is trained at the physician level.

For more specific guidelines for selecting a new healthcare professional we offer several articles on How To Find The Right Healthcare Professional For You

Ongoing Connection

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